Equine Connection 

    swing up slow
    drop in
    your saddle   feel
    the leather ripple
    in your palm   connect
    to the mouth   the quiet
    flickering mind   see
    the soft
    switching ears listening
    to your cluck and pressure
    of heel   and feel
    the jolt then sway
    of motion   the connect
    of bone   the swish
    of air  
    tickle your face  

    you laugh
    the wind breath 
    of the horse
  Commended 2014 NZPS International Poetry Competition,
    first published in Take Back Our Sky NZPS Anthology 2014 
    The canvas
    Prefabricated tilt-slab with steel reinforcing
    shipped from a Guangzhou factory a city street
    long. Delivered by a bevy of cranes
    criss-crossing a hung sky. Slung with ropes hauled
    by fat-muscled builders driving aluminium SUVs
    splattered with spun-patterns of river-mud.
    Pulled vertical, it blocks the U-line of the hills
    between Mt Cavendish and Castle Rock, shines a
    white burr on the retina. The press applauds.
    Up close, at night, the slanted shadow, fallen
    across a security-lit carpark, cloaks her silhouette,
    the concrete wraps cold around her
    paint-stained fingers. She sways against the wall,
    a weed scratching sounds in the wind.
  Winner of 2016 NZPS International Poetry Competition 
    First published 2016 Penguin Days NZPS Poetry Anthology
    Faithful to you, Tarahaka o Kaimatau
    First published Cordite Poetry Review 44

    Though the clouds fled from your armpits
    in spectacular foggy spirals, he gave me red dust
    compacted and thrust above the curved earth. Below
    I saw the Early Ones warm their hands over fire
    offering up babies wrapped in skin and blood;
    I saw dingos and camels and dust. When I returned
    you showed me the folds of your cloak, tan-gold
    hebe-green, slain with purple gashes. I fell among
    the prickly matagouri that smelt of pink and tea
    and woke in communion with a white gentian.
    I stayed with you and named your parts: turpentine,
    tussock, scree, kea, karearea, odonata zealandica
    who, despite me still, flit incandescent and
    irretrievable over the braids of the Deception.